Venereal Narratives
Venereal Narratives and Other Catchy Tales

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The Narrative series came about after having the sex talk with my son. After stressing the importance of safe sex (years down the line, of course), I started thinking more and more about STDs, the ones that have been around for centuries and the newer threats like HIV/AIDS. These mixed-media collages represent romantic couples where one or both participants have syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc. I provide the viewer with the names of the lovers and the disease, they provide the story.

As the big sister of someone with Down Syndrome, I have spent much of my life anticipating more genetic deviations, random diseases, epidemics and pandemics (see also the collages about zoonoses - diseases, like avian flu, transmitted from animals to humans). I must make work about these things, attempting to make them more beautiful and palatable. If I don't, I feel that my mind may spin and spin and tangle in on itself with dread and worry.